Calcaneal Fractures

Calcaneal fractures are fractures of the heel bone (calcaneum or os calcis).  They are most commonly caused by vertical impact on the heels such as a fall or jump from height or in high-energy trauma such as a road traffic accident.

Some calcaneal fractures are relatively minor and require only a short period of immobilization in an aircast boot followed by a course of physiotherapy; others may be serious injuries that require complex surgical reconstruction to offer the best chance of recovery.

Initial assessment and preliminary treatment of suspected calcaneal fractures may be carried out in by a General Practitioner or in an Accident and Emergency Department, but to plan optimal treatment an opinion from an Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Specialist may well be required.

At the Foot and Ankle Centre we have the clinical expertise and state of the art imaging facilities to provide prompt and accurate diagnosis and treatment of the full range of hindfoot and calcaneal fractures.

Urgent cases can usually be offered an appointment within twenty-four hours.