Patient Information


The Foot and Ankle Centre Tunbridge Wells is based at The Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital. 

Mr Ritchie also holds clinics at:

If you would prefer to be seen at one of these alternative locations please discuss this with our secretaries when making an appointment. We will always do our best to accommodate your preference if at all possible.


We are happy to receive referrals by post, telephone, fax or email

Patients can contact us directly for an appointment or be referred by their doctor, podiatrist or physiotherapist.

Please note that most insurance companies require a referral by a doctor to authorise treatment and therefore payment. We would recommend discussing this with your particular insurance company if you are in any doubt.


Mr Ritchie and Mrs Pettican are recognised by most of the major health insurance companies. However the level of cover does vary widely between insurance companies and may also depend on your particular insurance policy. It is always advisable to check with your insurer the level of cover provided, so that you are aware of any shortfalls that may be incurred.


Initial consultation with Mr Ritchie: £200.00

Follow-up consultation with Mr Ritchie: £ 130.00

X rays, scans, tests or investigations are charged in addition by the hospital where they take place.

Mr Ritchie's fee for operations and procedures are based upon the Western Provident Association (WPA) fee schedule, and patients are advised of the exact cost of their individual operation before coming in for surgery. Bespoke quotations for inclusive care packages are available for self-funding patients 

As each insurance company has it's own fee schedule which determines how much they will reimburse for any given procedure, this may differ from the fees quoted by the Foot and Ankle Centre Tunbridge Wells and it may be that there will be a shortfall.

When you book an operation you will be advised of our fees for the surgery, and you must check these with your insurance company to clarify how much they will help you with costs. It will be your responsibility to settle any shortfall incurred.

Podiatry Fees

Initial Consultation: £40.00

Follow up consultation: £35.00 

Verruca - initial consultation: £45.00 

Verruca – follow up consultation: £30.00 

Biomechanical examination: £160.00 (plus orthotics £110.00-190.00)

Gait analysis: £85.00

Functional foot orthoses (simple customized): £120.00

Functional foot orthoses (complex customised): £170.00

Vasyli orthotics (all sizes): £35.44

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 01892 740990.