Midfoot pain and arthritis

Arthritis of the midfoot usually affects the tarsometatarsal, and sometimes the naviculocuneiform joints. It can be osteoarthritis (“wear and tear”), part of a generalized arthritis such as rheumatoid disease, or the result of previous injury such as a Lisfranc injury.

Features of midfoot arthritis include pain felt in the centre of the foot, particularly on bearing weight. This may be associated with swelling and over time the midfoot joints become stiffer and bone spurs may develop on the dorsum (top) of the foot. Ultimately the arch of the foot may collapse.

Treatment options for midfoot arthritis include the use of painkillers, soft orthotics (insoles) to cushion the foot, steroid injection to ease the inflammation or surgery to fuse the foot, relieve the pain and restore the arch.